JoJo Razor
Portfolio Reviewer
The highest compliment my clients can give is to pass on my name to others who will benefit from my services.
Diane Hillier, painter
Website Creation
August 2008

I'm so happy with the website that JoJo designed for me. I think that this is due to her talent but also due to her responsiveness to input. She "hears" you. She has strong design opinions but is very flexible and easy to communicate with and I think that is the perfect combination. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in setting up a site.
Holly Wallace, glass artist
Website Creation
February 2006

I keep going to the site just to look at it!!! I love it, love it, love it.

Thank you.

If only I could spend an hour with this artist on their portfolio, I know they would be getting different results from their submissions.


As Program Director for the last six years of Taking the Leap, the Business School for Artists, I would often say this to myself, if only I could spend an hour with this artist on their portfolio. After viewing hundreds of portfolios, I constantly found that although the artist is visually aware of their art, the artist is not aware of how their art is seen by a stranger. Whereas the artist knows what their original art looks like, I would see it for the first time from a small out of focused slide, from an overexposed photograph, or on a disc that my computer could not read. They would not know of my confusion when I would not find a return stamped envelope or of my disappointment of finding that their written materials were not included. It seemed I encountered every obstacle to keep me from experiencing their art.

As an artist and arts' administrator, it has taken me many years to understand how an artist is seen in that small package as it is received on the other end. Through interactions with galleries and curators I was shown exactly what it is that makes up a great portfolio. They also expressed to me what a joy it is when they receive a fine-tuned professional portfolio. A great portfolio allows the viewer to experience the art.

There is a need in the world for Portfolio Reviewer. The past years had brought so many letters from artists who live in Iowa, Germany, India, all asking for help. With just as many years of wondering how I could help the artist who lives outside the bay area I came up with Portfolio Reviewer.

I will receive your portfolio I will give it a real hands-on and eyes-on view that will include many suggestions and improvements. As an objective viewer, I will show you what your receiver in the past has seen and show you ways to improve your presentation and enhance the receiver's experience. These may include uncovering certain messages in your materials and bringing your images up to the level of exceptional professionalism. No matter what condition your portfolio is in, Portfolio Reviewer will help.

I still request that portfolios be sent to me the old fashion way, through the US Post Office. This is so that I can see exactly what you are sending and also how you are presenting your materials. If you are interested in having your web portfolio reviewed please see my services page.

For those of you who are interested in where technology will fit into the future art market, I will predict that the slide portfolio will eventually be replaced by the web portfolio. I envision in the not to distant future, sitting comfortably on my sofa and spending an hour or so going through an artist channel (web site) on my big screen webTV.

NEWS 2008! The digital portfolio is really beginning to arrive in the art market with many galleries requesting CDs, website presence and/or email submissions. As of lately, I have been in high gear creating CD submission packets. Basically it is the same packet that includes pdfs of your resume, statement, and presentable jpgs of your images. Of course, a web portfolio is always my first choice of presentation, but a wise decision would be to always call the gallery to find out how they like to have art submitted. If calling a gallery causes you a nervous twitch, ask a friend to call them and request this information.

I am beginning to see more and more of the art market ask artists where they can see their art on-line. For those of you who do not have web presence I highly encourage you to take advantage of having Portfolio Reviewer create a site for you. As an artist myself (MFA, San Francisco Art Institute), with the background in art marketing, I can create a site that will make your art shine as it should, without getting lost in design and layout. For a look at some of the sites I have created, please see my services page.

For those of you who do have a web site, but your site doesn't show your art in a professional light or is possibly mixed with other professions such as graphic design, commercial art or with family photos (these do have their place just not on your professional art site), Portfolio Reviewer can help.

I encourage you check out many of my numerous services. Please feel free to ask any questions before doing so. I look forward to being of service to you, reviewing your art and your materials.

Until then...

Portfolio Reviewer