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Send what it is that you have on hand. If you don't have what is listed below, not to worry. Let's start first with what you do have.

Sending your portfolio first to Portfolio Reviewer will enable us to see exactly what it is that the gallery or juror is receiving from you. 

Send your materials, a SASE (return postage), check (or money order made out to Portfolio Reviewer, or pay on-line using Paypal) to:

Portfolio Reviewer
1076 61st Street
Oakland, CA 94608

Include your answers to these questions along with your materials:

1. Have you submitted your art packet to galleries or exhibition calls previously in the past and if so, what happened?

2. What is it that you want to do with your art? Sell, exhibit, both, become self-supporting through your art, want gallery representation, national/international career, recognition, gain commissions? Other?

3. Are you interested in exhibiting outside your local area?

4. If you have other questions, include them also.

Below is a list of items (in order) that makes up a great portfolio. Remember if you do not have what is listed below, please send what you do have. Our goal is to help you by polishing up what you do have.
Cover Letter:
  This is your introduction. You should include summary of your interests about your art and your intentions. Keep it short.

  Preferably slides, but a gallery or juror may request a slide sheet, CD, postcards, digital images, pictures, etc. You may want to include any postcards which contain images of your art.

Bio or CV:
  This should include places and dates of exhibitions (if you have had any) and may include student shows, awards, etc. This also includes your educational history.

  This should be a brief statement about your art. If you have never written a statement before try the exercises from Ceramics Monthly: Writing a Good Statement. They provide an easy and fun way to get the job done. We will read through your statement to see if it reflects and references the art you are creating and give suggestions if needed.

  Any press coverage where you are mentioned or your art is featured such as: newspapers, magazines, etc. Send only copies

  This envelope should be large enough to accommodate your images without destroying them. Include a thin piece of cardboard in the return envelope to protect them. Remember to include the correct amount of returnpostage on the return envelope.