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Below is a listing of services to get your art marketing machine up and running. If you see something that is not on this list but you really need help with it, please let me know by email. If I can't help you I might know someone who can.
    web design and maintenance
    Are you looking for a customized website that can really make your art shine? I am in the business of creating art portfolio web sites that don't look like cookie cutter pages and that don't have a lot of bells and whistles that take away from your art. I like clean and simple pages so that those who view your art don't get caught up in thinking design or layout but are able to fully engage with your art.

If you are interested in having me design your website, your first assignment will be to find three to five websites that you personally like (this will give me an idea of what it is you are looking for). Then contact me by phone 510.410.1479 or email. I am either in the office or the studio Monday through Friday and occasionally work on the weekends, so if you get my answering machine please leave your name and phone number and I will call you back. You do not need to live by me (I have many clients that I have never physically met before, we do everything by email and occasionally by phone). I can also teach you how to update your site once it is built. Prices range from $600-$2500 for a finished site. For smaller sites than the ones listed below, the price can be cheaper.

Here are a selected few that I have created and/or maintain:
painter, encaustic, public art - Ann Holsberry       Janine Barrera Castillo - painter
painter - Deanna Lee       Susan Parker - painter
sculptor - Clint Imboden       Lesley Tannahill - painter
mixed media - Joan Margolies-Kiernan       The Palo Alto Forest/Angela Filo -
A community activated photo project
novelist - Cynthia Lamb       Jane Norling - painter
mixed media artist - Kimberly Rowe       Maryly Snow - printmaker
musician/performer - Lewis Jordan       Leslie Plato Smith - sculptor
printmaker, painter, collage - Mollie McNeil       Diana Marto - fine art/performance
painter and book design - gopa&Ted2inc.       Lorrie Fink - painter
conceptual sculptor - Walter Robinson       Jenne Giles/Harlequin Feltworks -
Custom fine art felt wareables
painter - Claudia Marseille       Diane Hillier - painter
painter - Heidi Berrin Shonkoff       Francesca Pera - painter
painter - Jean Hearst       Steve Barylick - painter
photographer - Angela Filo       Laurel Nathanson - mixed media artist
painter - Marilynn Gray-Raine       Katherine Westerhout - photographer
painter - Abraham Elterman       Karen Swezey - glass artist
painter - JoeSam       Mrs. Brown's Beauty - mixed media artist
painter - Tracy West       VoxMaids - musical theater
photographer - Donna Guenther       Tanya Wilkinson - mixed media artist
artist - JoJo Razor       Lea Centauri - vocalist

Isabel Koopman, artist

CD Creation 2008

This is a visual glimpse of the CD portfolio. This CD includes PDFs of the resume, statement, bio, press, and jpgs.
Tracy West, artist

CD Creation 2005 and 2006

This is a short sample from Tracy's CD slideshow.This cd also contains her statement and bio as a pdf file and separate jpg images.
    cd portfolio creations  
  CD portfolios are fast becoming a hit with the galleries. These portfolios are easy to look at and can be read from any computer, PC or Mac. Many galleries are requesting them instead of regular packets. They are easy to create, are inexpensive and can be reproduced by you on your writable computer. Also, choose your own music if you like. All you need to do is send me your images and your written materials either in a Word format or in the body of an email.
$75.00/hour (average time: 4-12 hours, depending on image prep-from start to cd)

    cd slide show  
    Some of my clients also like to include a slide show on their CDs. These are also easy to create, are inexpensive and can be reproduced by you on your writable computer. Choose your own music if you like. See the example to the left.  
    web portfolio review  
    Many of my clients ask me to review their website portfolios. This is basically handled like a regular portfolio review, usually an hour with you over the phone. I will let you know how your pages are loading, what your images look like, how your materials read. We'll talk about your design, navigation, any clunkiness, and a way to remedy it. My office has three G5s, 5 LCD monitors, a Windows PC, and are connected to the web by cable to insure accurate and fast connections. The browsers I use are Explore, Safari, AOL,  Camino, Opera, and Firefox. I accept payment through my Paypal page. For second timers, you can also request a resubmission review for discounted price of $50.00.
Claudia Marseille, artist
Website Design/Creation
August 2008

Working with JoJo was a true delight; she quickly understood what I wanted and needed, and was able to translate that creatively and efficiently into design ideas. In addition, she is a lot of fun - I didn't expect to enjoy the process so much!

One of the best ways to create and keep a buzz in the art market is to have an up-dated and workable mailing list. This mailing list should also have easy accessibility to label making. Labels make it easy to send out a stack of postcards quickly, but creating labels can be a difficult task for many. Those who of you who can maneuver the computer fairly easy may request a Word document, 30-label template (mailing labels) or 80-label template (slides and return labels) for free by email. Once received, just plug in your information and print.

For those of you who like to spend more time in your studio working on your art, you can request Portfolio Reviewer to print your labels and mail them to you.

Many of our clients have requested slide labels and return labels, too. You will need to send us label information as an attached Word document (export information as a comma delimited file for mailing labels, slide info for slide labels, return info for return labels and attach to this email) and font choice for each of them. Mailing labels come 30 to a sheet, return and slide labels come 80 to a sheet. Expect a week for delivery time.


    database set-up
    For those who really want their art marketing machine up and running they will first need to set up a computer database that can do a variety of tasks. You want a program such as Now Software or one that can act as a phone book, cataloging lots of information such as addresses, phone numbers, dates, can attach documents and can print labels and letters/envelopes. I can either help you by phone or email with your needs in getting things in place.

    email image sending
    We are moving more and more into the realm of technology when it comes to art marketing. My predictions include the eventual death of slide film and the explosion of the electronic portfolio, especially the use of email to send and receive images. Some galleries have already jumped onboard, requesting an artist portfolio to be sent by email (Woman Made Gallery was one of the first galleries to request digital images in 2002). Most artists, who have not gotten into the digital craze are not only having difficulties attaching a file to an email, but they are also noticing that what they are sending is not what they thought they were sending. This results in confusion, anger, and  computer crashes on the other end. I work with many artists regarding jpg sending, teaching them not only how to send but what it is they are sending. I truly believe, once understood, this becomes a very easy task. Learning to send your images electronically opens a door allowing the artist to enter another exhibition realm. Please email or phone me if you are interested in learning how to prepare and send your images through email.

Eva Henneberry, artist

Postcard Creation 2005 and 2006

    postcard services
    Here is another area of art marketing that is becoming more difficult for artists who want to have postcards printed for their exhibitions. More and more printing companies are moving towards receiving client information by email and require images to be uploaded to their business sites. This is because the image is too large to send through regular email considering this image will be used for printing (around 300dpi) and not on the web (72dpi). Hopefully this process will become easier in the future, but right now they are down right difficult if you don't know what you are doing. I have seen many postcards, after the money has been spent, that could have benefited from an extra pair of eyes that know what they are looking at. If you have experienced the bad postcard syndrome in the past please contact me.
$75.00/hour (average time: 2 hours-from start to on-line printer submittal)

Also, over the years I have been doing research on who is the best printer for postcards. This includes compatible prices and who is available internationally. With many experiences, many, I have found one company that comes through each time. Modern Postcard has bright correct colors, blackest blacks, and have followed the instructions I give them. If you know of any other printer please let me know. If I find they are just as good I will list them here and on the links page.

      mentoring and teaching
      I am available as a mentor or teacher for all matters involving art marketing. Please email or phone for an appointment.